Our system fucksThis vile system sucksRapes and defilesBefouls and infectsWith erotically transmitted maladiesBurgles and smuggles like scamp This pong system screwsA crappy structure cankered with scumBarren to detect no cumA living carcass gradually decomposingGoing obsolete into abyss of oblivionWith maimed justice oozing pusA corrupt fascist vitiated in buggeryPiddling depraved scuttlebutt Our gimpy system a crapDebasedContinue reading “THE PUTRID”


Is that really you,A bony carcass,Shelves of skeleton,Hopelessly lying askew,Motionless and lifeless,Like an abandoned library. You were so full of yourself,What happened to you,Where is your sea of pride,Where did you leave your ego,Skin colour and kin,Where are they? Where is your affluent world ,The status of posh lifestyle,Spiteful contempt of scorn,Malice and hatred,Accolades, mansionsContinue reading “HEY YOU”

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