I would wake to your rising face like dawn
To smell the fragrance of your rose petals
Look straight into your sunbaked eyes
So cool like a glass of vintage wine
Bask in your warm smiles like sunshine

If only you were mine
I would fall deep in your heart
Drown into your sea of love
Let you dwell in the depth realms of my soul
Away from the whirlwind storm and heavy rains
Protect you from sorrow and pain

If only you were mine
I would spread my wings like a lark
Hold you tight and show you how to fly
Take you for honeymoon in the sky
Ask the moon to sing you a lullaby
The stars would dance like butterflies
Deep in your velvety petals I would be
To suck the sweet pollen like the buzzing bee
If only you were mine.


I just want to walk out of me

Run fast past myself and leave this life behind

I want to go down with the setting sun

And never to show up again at dawn

I don’t want to see the beautiful face of this world

All I need is a little toxicant

Just to soothe my sleep tonight

A bottle of pills and whiskey will do me fine

I yearn to wake up in a different world

Where my wretched old life does not exist

And my emotions will not explode.

Precious Gem

I wonder why the buzzing bees

Have not noticed the scented petals of this Rose

Blooming and glistening among the violets

Everything about it ignites a spark

She is the colours in the rainbows

Her face is the moon that lights the night

The stars in her blue skies

Makes her eyes shine bright like diamonds

Her breath is the ocean breeze in sweltering day

Her silk skin sweet like chocolate

Beautiful angelic African queen

The precious gem and jewel

Her picture can put angels to shame

My soul dances to the lyrical tunes of my heart

Each time I set my eyes on her

My heart melts when I look at her face

And I always yearn to bask in her warm smiles.

Dedicated to Poetess Dorky

CAll ME A Prostitute

Call me a prostitute

A sex slave

Or rather a chronic drinker

But deep within l know

I am a victim of circumstances

What else could i be

When the woman who gave birth to me

Dumped me in the ruins to die

Just tell me

What life could i lead

When the people Who raised me

Took advantage of my innocence

Raped and defiled me every night

Used and threw me into the streets

The whole world turned against me

And I chose to seek solace in the bottle

I have seen fingers point at me

My criticism has been put in black and white

My judgement has been written red on the walls

A big label has been planted on my face

They call me a harlot and addict

It is life so blamelessly I take it

What’s more to live for?

When the canorous bird chirps is a nuisance to me

I am maimed and the only

Consolation is the burning urge to light my cigar

So fast they judge

Even when an anchor to my terrible lifestyle they cant undo

It is not their envisage that anything good can come out of me

But still they gossip of my uselessness

Till the last blink of the sun

Do you think I feel proud

When men dig into my land each night

I smile to make them happy

Deep within i am shattered

I sell the nectar from my rose

Just to pay for my bills

I cry myself to sleep

But proudly they scold me

They take me for a snake in a red rope

Even when the least of my knowledge I plan to attack

I am not an adder

Please stop painting me hate

None of my actions can be justified

At least my breath can give account

To my attempt to get a life.

by Dorky and Poet The Mirror


You see this frail heart of mine
I lay it bare in your hands
Hold it with care and tenderness
Never let it slip off your fingers

It has endured so much pain
It has been fallen and broken several
Faced total rejection
Suffered much dejection
Torn into shreds
Defiled and murdered

Never let it fall apart again
It has taken me ages
To collect its crushed pieces
Sew it back to wholenes
See, it is full of loose stitches
Emotional scar sores of betrayal

It is wet with tears of rue
Keep it warm in your soul
Never expose it to too much heat
It might explode to ashes
Just treat it like a treasure
Not a playground for leisure.


Painting a picture of my girl

Detained in a prison of depression

Face soaked in a sea of dark memories

Her sunken eyes closed

Tears of rue dripping down her soppy cheeks

Wrist adorned with bruises of razor cuts

Holding a bottle of whiskey in her frozen hands

Looking perturbed

Soul scattered

Trust shattered

Innocence murdered

Drowning in so much fright

Identical images of the pain she felt that night

Keeps flashing back in her taunted mind

How he pinned her against the rough wall

Tied the strides of her hair to a snag

Like a maimed caged bird

She tried to fly away

Her wings had been broken

He killed her soul several times

As he rolled his sword deeper

Cutting through the walls of purity

The moon watched with pity from the sky

As he murdered her pride

Mashed her heart into pieces

He left her empty and scattered

Deflowered her dignity

Vitiated her treasure

Left her oozing blood filled with his filth

My paper is soaked in tears

As i draw this picture of my girl

The girl I so much love

But she hates herself and everything in sight.

©️Cliff The Poet🇰🇪


I killed him
And he died for my sake
Up on the cross at Calvary
He cried in pain for my sins
I laughed and mocked him
I scorned and sneered as I nailed his hands
And speared him as I jeered with pride

I abused his power and worth
And adorned his head with thorns
I blamed him for my worries
Yet still he was willing to cleanse my soul with his precious blood
He looked at me with loving eyes oozing blood
And gave me a tender smile
Then he raised his fading breath to the heavens and cried,
“Father, forgive him for he doesn’t know what he is doing”

I watched his last drop of blood
And he looked at me and said, “It is finished”
He forgave all my sins
I stood there static
My hands soaked in blood
My heart filled with regret
I had killed an innocent man
I came to myself a bit too late
He was right on the cross
Tortured to death
I realized I needed a saviour
He was buried in a tomb
On the third day he defeated death
And resurrected
He went to his Father, to prepare a place for me.


©️Cliff The Poet🇰🇪

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