Tik tok tik tok tik tok
That’s not a cricket chirping
My chilling clock clicking a lullaby
Each clink a step close to a tomb
Like footsteps to underworld zone

Rub- a-dub rub-a- dub
That’s not a dundun pulsing
My heart beating like time bomb
Not bold of growing weary old
Feeling cold in this numbing gold

That is not wind swishing in rain
My breath whispering amid tears
Grey strad on my hair stirs me up
It is not death that I am afraid of
So scared of the life I haven’t lived.

Poet The Mirror ©2020


Echoes from the gong
Calling faithfuls to the sanctuary
Where the pulpit stands still
So innocent
Facing the congregation

The Shepherd walks to the altar
Dressed in usual white garments
Looking holier than heavenly angels
Anointing oil in his right hand
The Holy Book in his left hand
Feeds the flock with sugary sermons
Screams at the church in prayer
Casts out demons

A young man intrudes
Walks towards the altar
His name is Ombati
The common street urchin in town
The shepherd pauses
Stares at him for a moment
Smiles as Ombati walks away
With his bedding in a tattered sack

The Shepherd continues with the sermon
Teaching about  the scripture
“Love your neibour as you love yourself”

We give our offerings
I walk back home
Meditating about the Gospel of truth

The truth is too blind
To see the wolves of impunity
Standing behind the pulpit
Dressed in sheep’s skins
Spitting venomous putrid

The truth can not see
The red lies hidden in its bosom
The sun is my witness
It records everything and echoes it to the moon.

Poet The Mirror


Should you see my Akelo
Daughter of the rising moon
Beaming from got Ramogi
Like the aurora sun rising
At the beginning of a new year
Driblet from Aoko’s torrent river
The precious pearl of my life
Sprouting shoot of Nyika Ramogi
Whose bud has tasted no blade
Should you meet my Rabora
Tell her to seal and guard our pot
I will drink from it when time is ripe
Should you set eyes on Nyako maber
Well dressed in the heart of my soul
With fine and dark skin like espresso
Whose splendid figure resembles a wasp
Her neck slender like a bottle of whiskey
Who makes men turn heads to watch her gait
As she saunters down the isle of Alego like udo
Look no more, that’s my aswito Akelo
If you ever talk to my Akelo
Look straight into her shady brown eyes
She lives in the surface of the ice in their iris
Tell her I miss the smoky smell of her clothes
I yearn for her talk flavoured with epigram
If she asks why I haven’t come to see her parents
Remind her that I am the living legend
The great jaleny of Gusii Highlands
Progeny of Sakawa, the great seer
From the line of Otenyo Nyamaterere
Who single handedly killed Nyarigoti
I will pay her dowry without dickering…..

Daughter Of Ramogi is an African Poetry Athology written by Cliff Oyugi aka Poet The Mirror. The Athology has been Published by Elong’o Publishers . To read more, or order for a copy of the book, contact; cliffoyugi02@gmail.com or WhatsApp at +254713512202


If I die tomorrow,
Never preserve my carcass in a morgue
Treat me like another victim of the plague
Masks on, social distance
No gathering, just conserve your tears
It has always been vague anyways

If I die tomorrow,
I will need a decent burial but no classy casket
Avoid long convoys, I won’t stand the racket
Keep the expensive suits and shoes
I will be food for maggots anyway

If I die tomorrow,
Please don’t wear the face of sorrow
Soothe me with no lyrical dirges of woe
I have mourned myself enough in forlornness
I have swallowed my tears of distress in darkness

If I die tomorrow
Do not paint me with memories of nice speeches
My anxiety knows me better for we always fight
See, my anxiety is a male chauvinist
He tells me it is feminine to cry in public
The reason I hide my tears and fears behind smiles

If I die tomorrow,
Forgive the manners of my ego
I know it hurts but please never even scream
Allow me a moment of silence please
To meditate in the land of everlasting bliss

If I die tomorrow,
Let the eulogies be short and precise
For I believe you know very little of me
You don’t know me beyond my dark skin

Just let me rest in pieces for deep down I am shattered
My soul is numb and scattered
So, if I die tomorrow
Throw me six feet deep and wish me a sound sleep.

By Cliff The Mirror ©2020.

Can’t Marry A Poetess


I can’t marry a poetess,
In her pen our love will be bound
My heart, her leisure playground
Twilight finds her with a lantern
Making love with words on paper

I can’t marry a poetess
Feelings of eros will flow in verse
Amorous tales about the universe
I will be deep content in each line
In bed she will treat me like swine

I can’t marry a poetess
Tears will be rainfall in her poem
Kisses only felt in lyrical rhyme
She will use me as poetry theme
Her love she will express in rhythm

A poetess will creatively lie to me
With her pen, I am drowned in sea
Embracing the nudity of her lies
The breezing wind her erotic sighs
Her pen screws through the night

Poet The Mirror ©2020

Poetry from the soul.


When tears fall from the sky
Heavens at war with mourning screams
Sending echo waves to my dreams

Raindrops wet my cheeks as I cry
To the lyrical of sad memories
Reflected on the black mirror’s dairies

With wishes I should die
Fall into last blink of the sun
With all my afflictions and burn

But then I look up to the sky
The heavens turn blue again
Sunshine dries tears of rue and pain

Wishing I could have wings to fly
Touch the skies and kiss the stars
Or even dwell forever in mars

When tears fall from the sky
Raindrops wet my cheeks as I cry
With wishes I should die
But then I look up the sky
Wishing I could have wings to fly.


I don’t know who I am

Neither do I know where I belong

I am even afraid of looking myself in the mirror

Eeach time I do,

I see someone else glaring at me

His image scares me to death

I am not myself anymore

A slave to this enemy behind the mask

I can’t even move an inch

Each time I try, the bully holds me back

He blocks my way

Tells me I can’t do it

His voice echoes in my mind like thunderstorms

Sending chills down my spine

My thoughts are locked in a cage

Each moment an idea strikes,

The enemy flashes on my mind like lightning

Hits me with spasms of fear

I try to think but can’t find the heart and courage to

Someone please tell me,
Who am I?

This demon is always here

To enjoy seeing me in tears

Turns every dream into nightmares,

Keeps leading me into wounds

Drowns me in the sea of wishes of regret

He has nothing to lose

It is either I rise to fight him to death

Or he kills my fate

This great enemy is Fear
And he lives in me.

© 2019 by Cliff Oyugi Kerage aka Cliff The Poet


This girl is a professed thief
For she broke into my soul
Stole my heart at first sight

Moulded with fine clay
Extracted from the sun
For the way she is hot
Sets my emotions on fire

This girl is mean
She can’t give me peace of mind
The only thing she offers is sleepless nights

I would say she is a witch
She has possessed me like a demon
Drowned me deep in the ocean of love
I can’t even retrieve myself

Her eyes are bewitching
The sparkles in them draw me like charisma
Perverting my mind with juju smiles
Turning me to a romantic zombie

This girl is my moon
Her face lightens my dark soul
The ocean blue in her eyes reflects stars
Putting twinkling diamonds to shame

Her soft skin my sweet banana
So yummy like drinking chocolate
Her love is like concentrated alcohol
Just a drop throws me out of balance

She is narcotic like bhang
Makes me feel weak and high
Each moment with her leads to addiction
I can’t resist her force of attraction
I have lost myself to this girl.

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