Viscus sinks

Psyche weeps piercingly

Upon seeing people gathered at freedom yard

Cantillating opus of immunity in jubilation

Proud to be foaled in a den of iniquity

I can read despair and vexation in their eyes

As they sing in extolment of the fallen paladins

Who sacrificed for freedom’s sake

I can hear umbrageous screams from metropolis

Voices of the oppressed crying for justice

Jobless younkers squalling vociferously from the slums

Pedagogs singing in solidarity for salary increment

Doctors and nurses have dissented too

Patients derelicted to snuff it like insects in infirmary

Citizenry looking haggard and pallid

Shoulders drooping with the weight of hefty taxation

I can hear a woman and children shrieking in agony, a husband has committed suicide

Homicide….another body dumped in the woods, a young lady executed by her benefactor

Mother crying for justice

Hoi polloi yelling for freedom from paws of wolves of impunity

Gunfire deafens my ears

Followed by racking screams and tension

Lacrimator consumes the air causing hurly burly

Deep silence fills the ambience

Little school girl lies dead on the road

Two gunshot wounds on her head

Breaking News on my television screen, “Looting criminal gunned down by the police”

Tears roll down my cheeks

I can hear an esurient gaut child crying for food

Several already dead, vultures feeding on their bony carcasses

I can feel the pain in that old woman mourning in anguish

Her ancestral land has been grabbed by men of great integrity

She has been dispossessed and incapacitated

Man eat man society

With gimpy democracy smelling perfidy

Vitiated to ruination by beguilers

Exoteric funds devoured by grabby savages

Hell has fallen upon us on freedom day

As we jubilate our independency from colonialism



I am all alone

jugged in a gloomy nook where the sun is repentant to shine

my spirit aching and running wild, feeling devoid and utterly lost

Loathing this life I cannot trust for doing me many awful things

ravishing and defiling my innocence

a puny in body and mind

my frail heart annihilated and turned into emotional wretch

pain piercing through my numb soul, ripping out my scare sores

my world so heartless and torn apart…. draining my future dreams

I am left with fated hopes

deserted like an alien

to swim against the tides in torrent of pain

and drown in a pool of tears with breath swinging on loose strings

nothing to make me strong

no shoulder to lean on

The sun sets and darkness will rise

I grimace but my eyes never smile

for my maimed inside is dying on silence

deep inside I am a living carcass

a broken glass crushed into pieces

the night falls and I am almost obsolete for eternity free from pain

no more crying coz my tears are dry

doom awaits me yonder

switch off the lights and say goodbye

the truth is incredible and frightening

a feeling of tragedy underneath.


Is a bottle full of feighning


and I sit to the rear of my mind

ruminating to quaff and dash it off

or just gulp the content

and skewer its consecrated venom to the world

igniting sparkles of disarray and repugnance

among the herd of a God of no religion

I revere the word

aura of sublimation that

reinstates my spirit from thrall of purdah

restores my wit from corrosion

sunders me out from residue of inherent aptitude

exalting the soul in higher esteem

and salves my nous from tedium

I venerate and confide in the word

a radical belief of a revolutionary man.


I thank the ERC Director Eng Pavel Oimeke and Dr. Christopher Okemwa for believing in me and supporting my talent in Poetry. It is very rare to find people who are willing to support and nurture talent in the current society.

Dr. Chris Okemwa is the Lecturer at Kisii University, A writer and International Poet. Christopher Okemwa has written several books such as the play Otenyo which I was among the cast that staged the play before it was released. Among other books he has written are the poetry book known as The Gong and a short story collection known as Sabina And The Ogre. As the founder of KISTRETCH INTERNATIONAL POETRY FESTIVAL, Christopher Okemwa has always created platforms for students and other upcoming poets from Kenyan Universities and other poets from across the world to meet and share poetry experiences through Poetry reading, Spoken Word Performances,Rap among other performances. This has created a very good connection between the upcoming poets and established poets from international level. This year he created an opportunity for me to be part of the kistretch Poetry Festival held in October 2018 at Kisii University, through the Poetry experience, I had an opportunity to share my poetry experience with International poets from across the world and learn more from them. I also had an opportunity to read my poem before the Israel Ambassador at the Israel Embassy . My poem, The Putrid was featured in the Kistretch Poetry Magazine.

Eng Pavel Oimeke has been supportive to me. He has always encouraged me to read more and keep writing. His support to me during the Poetry Festival period helped me a lot and I really thank and appreciate him. I urge him to keep on with his good spirit of supporting the youth and nurturing their talents. I believe that there are many upcoming Writers ,poets, spoken Word artistes and many more talented young people out there who are disparing due to lack of financial and moral support. I encourage the young people to come out and make use of their talents through platforms created. Special thanks to all my fans who keep on appreciating my work and encouraging me to write . Special thanks to Sona Van a US based poet, Inger Mari, Canisia Lubrin, Caren Kimz Ambily from India and many more poets who keep Encouraging me to write more poems.


Cry no more for your little angel is fine in the land of spirits

shed no tears of vengeance for the battle isn’t yours

weep not for me but the doomed nation that vitiated my innocence

forgive them Mama, they were just obeying orders from above

the world knows that I was innocent

I didn’t riot, nor did I loot anybody’s property

I couldn’t walk let alone uttering a word

Mama, I was right in your arms remember

six months old still sucking your breasts

I knew nothing about the world

I couldn’t tell between right and wrong

yet they termed me a criminal of resistance

convicted me to death without trial

wipe your tears and smile Mama

your daughter is resting in peace

I can see scars in your broken heart

I can feel the pain in your soul

but I just need you to understand

that your daughter is fine in the land of spirits

They just killed the heart and not the soul

rise up Mama and eat something

you need some energy to boost your weight

the tears you have lost won’t go in vain.


Our system riles

this vile system a frick

it rapes and defiles

befouls and infects

with erotically transmitted maladies

burgles and smugles like scamp

Our pong system sucks

a crappy structure cankered with scum

barren to detect no cum

a living carcass gradually decomposing

going obsolete into abyss of oblivion

with maimed justice oozing pus

a corrupt fascist vitiated in buggery

micturating depraved scuttlebutt

Our lame system a ruin

debased to shambles by famished wolves

with squalid charismatic pecuniary paws

scatters the fruits of our sudor

squealing it down their cesspool savages

whose frozen yet rotten hearts

are corroded with black soot of putrid

and their minds fizzled

Our system devoured by sordid worms

exudating venom into lousy blood

flowing in jigger invested vessels

our current system reeks like hell

contaminating the entire society

crawling and creeping towards purity.


Sweet little songbird

would you be the Symphony

that soothes my frail heart

when I am feeling so low?

Beneficent guardian angel

spread your wings like a skylark

make me feel protected like a hopeless dove

liberated from a hawk’s jaw?

Hold tight the hand of my soul

walk me across the shore

chirp and dance with me in twilight

play along with me like a baby doll

Be my buzzing bee in the morning dew

let me be your juicy blossom that withers not

sheen little squirrel

would you be my symphony?


She flicked her eyes at me with alluring grimance

sending electric chills down my spine

moved her visage nigher and osculated me mildly

kindled by her tepid breath,

the world around us ceased to exist

I felt her quacking pollex along the scantness of my jawline

her manus quivered slimly

as she tardily lowered the zip of my jeans

erection panoptic against the strenuous denim

mushy and rocky between her limbs like fabric

I held her tight and bussed her all over

influenced my phallus against her

Screams of felicity filled the ambience

I moved quicker and deeper

amid nothingness, she detonated intense stimulus

diverging inwards and outwards

undulation pounding through her

sleek with sudor and roasted by gratification,

we lay flat on the mat dead in silence

deep within I felt empty

a difference that seemed to wreck me.


You said that

you created me in your own image

and I looked myself in the mirror

couldn’t see any likeness of you

but a crushed soul

created in the image of pain

forsaken to languish in anguish

living a life of emotional whirl

dejected with the spirit of despondency

tears of rue leaking into bleeding sores

Oh God, you lied to me

You said that

all are equal before your eyes and I trusted you

yet last night I slept on an empty stomach

with a mocking aroma from my neighbour’s kitchen

I kept calling on your name and ended up feeding on my woeful tears

as if that was not enough

Today, a dear sister just died right before me

as I shouted a healing intercession

Oh God you disappointed me, this is not fair

Your silence is wrecking me

tearing me into pieces

as you watch me with a blind eye

acting deaf and dumb to my misery as if you ain’t there

I am your own image remember

why do I have to suffer in your likeness?

how long will I shed tears to gain your attention yet still I keep trusting in you

You said that

I should ask and I will be given

knock and it shall be opened

but my doors are locked tight no matter how I try

I have always asked for bliss but sorrow is all I receive no matter how I pray

“Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted”

but my story seems the opposite for I am cursed no matter how I cry

what hurts me more is the itching reality that murderers, thieves, corrupt masters and all sorts of wicked souls

are swimming in a pool of blessings and bliss

while I am deserted to swim against the tides in torrent of tears

and drown in an ocean of sorrow

with faded hope for a better tomorrow

I am a laughing stock to the world

see, my knees full of scars

my eyes bleeding agony of shame

Lord of mercy, you have betrayed my trust

where are you hiding your face

I feel like a snake eating its own tail

I am like a child wanting to cross to the other side of the road but there is a deep ditch

I try to stop thinking

but cant find a heart and courage to


I still fear you God

I keep calling on you with the last drops of energy left

I trust you with my faith as little as a mustard seed

my fated hope hanging on your thumb

still fasting and praying

as I seek first your kingdom and all shall be added unto me

I believe and trust that one day

you will have a heart to remember that I am your likeness

created in your own image.

Those who

Those who don’t read

Those who don’t write

are like plants

they have no feelings

they have no sense of humour

Those who don’t read

Those who don’t write

are like plants

they have no emotions

they have no conscience

yet they are living

they have eyes

but can’t see the world from inside