I opt to detain my words in a cage
Just to preserve my running breath
And lull my slushy feelings of rage
I sink myself in the depth realms of muteness
And drown my thoughts in an ocean of wisdom
As i listen to the sound waves of quietness
My voice of silence is visible to the eyes
As it rains down my soppy cheeks
And beauty of tranquil shines in my smiles like a galaxy
Calming my emotional whirlwind to stillness

My mind gets lost in a forest of forlornness
The atmosphere becomes a mirror
I stare into it and see nothing but myself
My thoughts speaking so loud
Screaming they are enough to break a glass
But on the outside I don’t utter
The colourful sound of quietude says it all
There is comfort and equanimity in silence
A soothing beauty in the power of silence
Which quitens emotional storm to hush.



My time will come when breath will stop and bid goodbye
My heart will freeze and I will finally die
Do not stand near my grave and cry
I will fade like smoke into clouds in the sky
I know it will hurt you but just try
Let the world know that I lived a lie

Let people know I suffered so long
My spirit will respond to the gong
And my soul will fly to where I belong
Do not weep for me, just be strong
Do not even sing me a eulogy song
Or never even wish to come along

I will be happy when I am gone
Free from pain and never alone
I will meet my ancestors in the underworld zone
Do not wear a face of grief and
Into the land of peace and bliss I will be blown
And in a different world I will be born.

©️Cliff The Poet🇰🇪


Those mild brown eyes
So cool like muddy ice
The Lake of brown
In its depths I drown
As golden beam they shine
Like a glass of vintage wine

Those summer dazed eyes
Warm like drinking chocolate
And sweet like flavoured honey
Mixture of day and night,
An occultation they create
Benignity flows in them
They are a sun baked soil
Just like morning coffee,
My emotions they boil.

Cliff The Poet🇰🇪


Gazing into the universe in your eyes
My mind fades in a daze
The moon that lives in them
Sets my emotions ablaze
sometimes they gleam like blue flames
putting twinkling diamonds to shame
The stars in your eyes make me shy
With their bright smile like the sun in the sky
They embellish like rainbow when you cry

When they stare at me like rising dawn
They have magic that heals my pain
Each moment I see your charismatic eyes
I always want to drown in their sea
And warm myself in the sparkling fire hiding in their Iris.


It has turned out to be a waste of time
Your ears frozen and numb
Your heart stained with soot
You regard me as hard liquor
So to be used, abused and dumped
I try to be nice to you
You yell back at me calling me a nag

I eat a bowl of blows for breakfast
And drink my tears of rue for tiffin
You adorn my face with bruises and scars
I die in silence within my depth
I am not supposed to speak
But only to be seen

I do everything to make you happy
But all in vain
My dinner always delicious pain
Yet yiu still have the guts
To throw me on the couch
Heavy rain of slaps on my cheeks
You tear my clothes a part
And roll your sword in me with force
My tears and screams recharge your impulse
To drill deeper and harder
I hold you tight to ease the piercing pain
You sigh thinking I need it further
Sleek with sweat gratification,
You walk out the door
Leaving me shattered and scattered
Like a wounded bird locked up in a cage
Prisoner in gloomy nook of depression

I hate the fact that I still love you
You who is a community husband
Full of sweet empty words
You think you are now a legend
Hell No!
You are a muggins
A bloody coward of truth
I love you.


Mama, how would you dare,
Didn’t you have a heart,
Or, was I too much for you to bare?
Mama, you didn’t even care
that I was human too,with blood
Mama, that was so unfair
Wasn’t it my right,
To live and bloom like a flower?
Bliss, tears and pain
Who told you I couldn’t withstand?
Did I deserve to face such a painful death?

I understand your pain
I have felt your tears mama
Yes, you had no choice
But, did I deserve to pay for the crime I didn’t commit?
What did you gain
For killing your own future,
What were you even thinking when you killed my little dream?
I wanted to blossom and wipe your tears
But, you played deaf and dumb as i cried
You felt much relieved as I sorely died.

I forgive you mama,
You didn’t know,
Your demon had possessed you
I hope you are happy now
I hope your pain has healed
And the scar sores in your heart disappeared
I just hope you have collected your broken pieces
And made yourself whole again
I love you Mama
I really miss you
I know you loved me too Mama
That’s why you had to abort me
And throw my pieces into a latrine.

©Clif The Poet🇰🇪


Fears ,Tears
Bruises, Scabs
Suffering, agony
Mental torture, Emotional drain
Physical fatigue, psychological death

She sits, on life’s hot seat
She screams,as life burns her burns
She mourns, she watches
She hopes , that wishes were horses
She dies, the same painful death

She sobs, her soul running wild
Her mind, running mad
She hates herself, she loathes her life
And everything in sight
Her tears, her fears
Her demons are blazing, threatening to bite again
She holds a knife, ready to tear the carotid
And wishes to take her life, make the death real

She shouts out loud, calls for all her strength
She pleads with death, to do her justice
To rescue her fast, from the memory of the past
The trauma she went through, breaks her heart
her inner eyes un repress her memory,
She sees her dad, defiling her blossoming flower
Tearing her into pieces, crushing her esteem
Tears fall, pain is sieved back to her soul

She stare to the wall,Anger bites her soul,
The portrait with her father still printed in her eyes
She imagine the earth could Stop,
For her defiled Psyche alight,

She fight her emotions off,
Her mettalic heart chink and rust,
She bite her lips hard,Closes her eyes tight,
Ready to give a gory taste to the knife,
She cries her pains out.

But the world gives no ear,
The world around blinded with her tears,
Silently watching her salient soul swirl,
The wind whispers goodbye as it whirl,
Her dead body lies on the creacky mat,
Dip,dip,dip, drop her heart beats,
Its dawns to her , its the same old death

She believes now , that life is a series of pain
But she promises herself, to be strong for tomorrow.
She creates a code , to live one day at a time
She pleads with life, to be nicer to her
She begs fate, not to screw her more
She pledge loyalty , to her remaining sunrises

©Magi- words from my soul ft ©Cliff The Poet ft ©I am legrande ft ©Mara Pain


He is here again,
My demon, glaring at me
Haunting my mind,
My blood is boiling
Emotions blazing
Body soaked in sweat
My hands are quaking
I am feeling hot
I can’t resist the burning urge
My phallus almost bursting
Alone, locked in my room
Naked, in my sheets I sink
My hand on it
Sighs filling the ambiance
My demon, cooling down
He goes back to sleep
Leaving me lying,
Feeling empty,
A wrecking difference.

© Cliff The Poet🇰🇪


My sunrise in gloomy nights
Like sunflower I face you right
My rainfall in arid swamps
The vino in my glass

Your gait like a peafowl
The roots that hold me firm
When wind whirls I feel no harm

My midday at the Indian ocean
Cool breeze in sweltering day
My sunset during summertime
When glooming nights are long
My moon beaming bright.

© Cliff The Poet🇰🇪