You said that

you created me in your own image

and I looked myself in the mirror

couldn’t see any likeness of you

but a crushed soul

created in the image of pain

forsaken to languish in anguish

living a life of emotional whirl

dejected with the spirit of despondency

tears of rue leaking into bleeding sores

Oh God, you lied to me

You said that

all are equal before your eyes and I trusted you

yet last night I slept on an empty stomach

with a mocking aroma from my neighbour’s kitchen

I kept calling on your name and ended up feeding on my woeful tears

as if that was not enough

Today, a dear sister just died right before me

as I shouted a healing intercession

Oh God you disappointed me, this is not fair

Your silence is wrecking me

tearing me into pieces

as you watch me with a blind eye

acting deaf and dumb to my misery as if you ain’t there

I am your own image remember

why do I have to suffer in your likeness?

how long will I shed tears to gain your attention yet still I keep trusting in you

You said that

I should ask and I will be given

knock and it shall be opened

but my doors are locked tight no matter how I try

I have always asked for bliss but sorrow is all I receive no matter how I pray

“Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted”

but my story seems the opposite for I am cursed no matter how I cry

what hurts me more is the itching reality that murderers, thieves, corrupt masters and all sorts of wicked souls

are swimming in a pool of blessings and bliss

while I am deserted to swim against the tides in torrent of tears

and drown in an ocean of sorrow

with faded hope for a better tomorrow

I am a laughing stock to the world

see, my knees full of scars

my eyes bleeding agony of shame

Lord of mercy, you have betrayed my trust

where are you hiding your face

I feel like a snake eating its own tail

I am like a child wanting to cross to the other side of the road but there is a deep ditch

I try to stop thinking

but cant find a heart and courage to


I still fear you God

I keep calling on you with the last drops of energy left

I trust you with my faith as little as a mustard seed

my fated hope hanging on your thumb

still fasting and praying

as I seek first your kingdom and all shall be added unto me

I believe and trust that one day

you will have a heart to remember that I am your likeness

created in your own image.

Those who

Those who don’t read

Those who don’t write

are like plants

they have no feelings

they have no sense of humour

Those who don’t read

Those who don’t write

are like plants

they have no emotions

they have no conscience

yet they are living

they have eyes

but can’t see the world from inside


The world is watching with a blind eye

deaf and dumb to her woeful cry

an innocuous runty fry

cadavelously faint like an apterous fly

with fated hopes drained and running dry

The sun blazes like an inferno on the earth’s crust

in the land of Ganze, forsaken and cursed

she imbibes her teardrops to quench the thirst

sucks the numb knockers of her mother’s carcass lying in dust

ambience reeks like hell, a feeling of emotional rust

her bantam soul bleeds with death to play just

and rescue her from taunting life unjust.


You scorn me for no reason

I am human too with feelings like you

don’t look at me in that tone of voice

regarding me as an object put to existence for the same reason as liquor

you just need to infer the fact that I had no druthers

otherwise I would have wished not to be born

Yes, I am a cull

secernated like an alien

a desolate Lone Wolf

with tears leaking into my wounds

a piece of me dying every moment deep inside

Go on

cogitate, spite and skewer venom on me

squelch my soul

rip my emotional scars with all sorts of revilement

bruise my heart and bleed it dry

call me a whoreson

mongrel or rather a bastard


that’s what I am it

Yes, I am a by-blow

and I wish the world would just understand

that it is not my fault

and entirely impute the feckless obdurate felon

who viciously maculated fecundating

a vernal virtuous fille and vanished

I am the discarded puppy

nerve-wracking in a bitch’s womb

whelped to relish gustatory sensation of distress

dispossessed like a spurious vagrant

in this ragged macrocosm tattered and torn apart

roving like a vagabond to terra incognita

the sun scorching like an inferno

draining my soul into shrivel

my spirit submerged into phony illusion

hunting the nefarious dog of impunity

that planted a seed and vanished.

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