Our system fucks
This vile system sucks
Rapes and defiles
Befouls and infects
With erotically transmitted maladies
Burgles and smuggles like scamp

This pong system screws
A crappy structure cankered with scum
Barren to detect no cum
A living carcass gradually decomposing
Going obsolete into abyss of oblivion
With maimed justice oozing pus
A corrupt fascist vitiated in buggery
Piddling depraved scuttlebutt

Our gimpy system a crap
Debased to shambles
By famished wolves of impunity
With squalid charismatic paws
Scatters the fruits of our sweat
Squealing it down their cesspool savages
Whose frozen yet rotten hearts
Are corroded with black soot of putrid
And their minds fizzled

Our shitty system a ruin
Exudating venom into lousy blood
Flowing in jigger invested vessels
Our current system reeks like hell
Contaminating the entire society
Crawling and creeping towards purity

Our barbaric system ravens
A gazillion of apterous sterile ants follow the path of rules
Shoulders drooping with the weight of levies
They get in through the right ingress looking pallid
No cash to grease the palms at the left
Only to find out that the system has been rigged
Defiled to shambles by winged queen pismires

Our demented system a mental hospital
The volant ants have politicized everything
Violated it like hungry weevils
After a frenzied few hours of probe
Several high profile arrests are made
To the lame justice oozing pus
The sordid ants are freed on bail
And the lame system flows down the cesspool

Poet The Mirror

Published by Poet The Mirror

Cliff Oyugi a.k.a Poet The Mirror is a writer, actor,singer, Spoken Word artiste and activist born in Kisii, Kenya. He is a teacher of English and Literature who has written several poems such as THE PUTRID which was featured in the Kistretch International Poetry Festival Magazine, 2018, among others. He has participated in Kistretch Poetry Festival since 2013 with other International writers from across the world. He self published a Poetry collection, (Waves And Putrid, 2019). His poems have also been featured in, ( In The Murk Of Life Anthology, 2019 by Nsemia Publishers). He has recently published, (Daughter Of Ramogi Athology by Elong'o Publishers). Cliff Oyugi's Poetry is diverse, deep and relatable but with multiple perspectives. Cliff strives to inspire and nurture talents through his writings.

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