They are back with lemons
These demons that torment and devour
I can feel them
Turning an abyss out of my serene place
The aura gone malodorous of their dirty breath
I can feel them burn me up like mercury
I want to scream the devils out my being
Pull off my hair bit by bit
So to give an outlet to the outside
I am dying inside piece by piece
Feeling as if I am the hell’s prey
Burning up in Sulphur
With the hellfire too intense
Spirits piercing through my skin
The walls of my heart already collapsing
My own saliva turned up a concoction
Wearing out my gut into a bitter chime
But what is better?
Is it living up to this suffering,
Or rather wave bye to this ideal?

It cuts through my soul
Like a burned up dagger
The arrow pointed direct to my fragile heart
The venom is paralyzing me
I want to give up
Put down the ruffle
Let go this struggle
I won’t fight a losing battle
I am too weak to survive
Maybe I need some pills
A bottle of whiskey
A little toxicant to numb the pain
A tight rope round my neck
To rescue me from this web
A razor to cut the hell out of these shackles of demons
I just want to walk out of me
Run fast past my skin
Hide in a groomy forest of no shadows
Where I will be invisible to my raging devils
I yearn to dwell in the dark land of solitude
Where pain doesn’t exist
And my emotions won’t explode.

Poet The Mirror FT Poetess Dorky

Published by Poet The Mirror

Cliff Oyugi a.k.a Poet The Mirror is a writer, actor,singer, Spoken Word artiste and activist born in Kisii, Kenya. He is a teacher of English and Literature who has written several poems such as THE PUTRID which was featured in the Kistretch International Poetry Festival Magazine, 2018, among others. He has participated in Kistretch Poetry Festival since 2013 with other International writers from across the world. He self published a Poetry collection, (Waves And Putrid, 2019). His poems have also been featured in, ( In The Murk Of Life Anthology, 2019 by Nsemia Publishers). He has recently published, (Daughter Of Ramogi Athology by Elong'o Publishers). Cliff Oyugi's Poetry is diverse, deep and relatable but with multiple perspectives. Cliff strives to inspire and nurture talents through his writings.

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