I was born of no man
No particular origin
No trace
No race
No colour
They enslaved my mind
Imposed colour on me
Made me realize I am black
Made me believe black is evil

I was born of a woman
They taught me I am not human
So naive of me
They said my culture is primitive
Brainwashed me with their religion
Made me believe in their tale of evolution

I was born to love
They taught me hate
Overturned my fate
Told me God is good
Angels are white and of course felice
Then, taught me to hate Satan
Made me hate myself too
They told me black is evil
The devil is black and so I am

I was born of no roots
They set boundaries on me
Taught me how to guard my territories
I learned the art of selfishness
A sense of humanity died in me
They dressed me in their mask of pride

I was born of no bloodshed
They showed me a gun
Taught me how to kill
I forgot the language of peace
Stopped being a brother’s keeper

It is time to take off this mask
Put on my original skin
Of no colour
No origin
No trace
No race
Speak the common language of humanity.

Poet The Mirror

Published by Poet The Mirror

Cliff Oyugi a.k.a Poet The Mirror is a writer, actor,singer, Spoken Word artiste and activist born in Kisii, Kenya. He is a teacher of English and Literature who has written several poems such as THE PUTRID which was featured in the Kistretch International Poetry Festival Magazine, 2018, among others. He has participated in Kistretch Poetry Festival since 2013 with other International writers from across the world. He self published a Poetry collection, (Waves And Putrid, 2019). His poems have also been featured in, ( In The Murk Of Life Anthology, 2019 by Nsemia Publishers). He has recently published, (Daughter Of Ramogi Athology by Elong'o Publishers). Cliff Oyugi's Poetry is diverse, deep and relatable but with multiple perspectives. Cliff strives to inspire and nurture talents through his writings.

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