Tik tok tik tok tik tok
That’s not a cricket chirping
My chilling clock clicking a lullaby
Each clink a step close to a tomb
Like footsteps to underworld zone

Rub- a-dub rub-a- dub
That’s not a dundun pulsing
My heart beating like time bomb
Not bold of growing weary old
Feeling cold in this numbing gold

That is not wind swishing in rain
My breath whispering amid tears
Grey strad on my hair stirs me up
It is not death that I am afraid of
So scared of the life I haven’t lived.

Poet The Mirror ©2020

Published by Poet The Mirror

Cliff Oyugi a.k.a Poet The Mirror is a writer, actor,singer, Spoken Word artiste and activist born in Kisii, Kenya. He is a teacher of English and Literature who has written several poems such as THE PUTRID which was featured in the Kistretch International Poetry Festival Magazine, 2018, among others. He has participated in Kistretch Poetry Festival since 2013 with other International writers from across the world. He self published a Poetry collection, (Waves And Putrid, 2019). His poems have also been featured in, ( In The Murk Of Life Anthology, 2019 by Nsemia Publishers). He has recently published, (Daughter Of Ramogi Athology by Elong'o Publishers). Cliff Oyugi's Poetry is diverse, deep and relatable but with multiple perspectives. Cliff strives to inspire and nurture talents through his writings.

4 thoughts on “TIK TOK

  1. I feel these three poems are a triad, the beginning, the middle and the end. Is that the case, or am I overthinking?


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