Is that really you,
A bony carcass,
Shelves of skeleton,
Hopelessly lying askew,
Motionless and lifeless,
Like an abandoned library.

You were so full of yourself,
What happened to you,
Where is your sea of pride,
Where did you leave your ego,
Skin colour and kin,
Where are they?

Where is your affluent world ,
The status of posh lifestyle,
Spiteful contempt of scorn,
Malice and hatred,
Accolades, mansions and cars,
Where is your class?

See your life,
Eternally depressed,
You look so humble
What’s running on your mind,
One more chance I guess,
A voice for a new choice,
Amends with humankind, right?

Poet The Mirror

Published by Poet The Mirror

Cliff Oyugi a.k.a Poet The Mirror is a writer, actor,singer, Spoken Word artiste and activist born in Kisii, Kenya. He is a teacher of English and Literature who has written several poems such as THE PUTRID which was featured in the Kistretch International Poetry Festival Magazine, 2018, among others. He has participated in Kistretch Poetry Festival since 2013 with other International writers from across the world. He self published a Poetry collection, (Waves And Putrid, 2019). His poems have also been featured in, ( In The Murk Of Life Anthology, 2019 by Nsemia Publishers). He has recently published, (Daughter Of Ramogi Athology by Elong'o Publishers). Cliff Oyugi's Poetry is diverse, deep and relatable but with multiple perspectives. Cliff strives to inspire and nurture talents through his writings.

4 thoughts on “HEY YOU

  1. I like how you’ve used the past to shape the present, I like how you’ve shown that at the most basic we are all the same, I like how you’ve shown how the material is immaterial. Well written 🙂


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