Gloomy days wither like brown leaves
And the night vanishes taciturnly into oblivion
My evil spirits will drop dead and lapse
And darkness fade away like heated mist
The moon will hide behind the sheep
chirps of birds and insects in the air
followed by the gentle hums of the wind

Grey clouds will form in my eyes
And a drizzle of bliss fall down my cheeks
The rain of roses and herbs will pour
And wash away my stain of pain and sorrow
My scar sores will heal
The teardrops will dry
The whirlwind tide will tranquilize in my soul
And the emotional storm calm down in my heart and fog fleet
Then I will sail through like a ship on the sea of love and peace
Fly high in the blue sky like the bird of jove
And shine to the world like like daystar

By Cliff The Poet

rights reseved


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