The sun sinks quietly into slumber beyond the skyline
And dusk rises to reign the aura
Cricket chirps fill the air
To the rear of the door a face peeks
like the moon beyond the woolen sky
And lightens up my gloomy heart
A peafowl pops in gallantly
Eyes winkling like fireflies
Makes lofty movement towards me
Spreads her wings like a skylark
Swirls my emotions like whirlwind
And tides my soul in a storm of love
The night is silent like a tomb
Everything seems to be stone-dead
Sighs and chirps breeze in the wind
Squeaks and squeals tweendle the ambience
Faint twirps are muttered in whispers

I open my eyes in dayspring
To see my sunshine peeping alluringly like daystar
Tepid like sunrays in a mizzle
The birds are singing outside
The wind is whistling swimmingly
and the pegions murmur stealthily
amid caresses and kisses
With my bird of Juno.



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