I try to fake a smile
and pretend that everything is hunky-dory
but the truth hits me hard like a chime
and memories of you keep flashing identically
tormenting me every night
I have lost every bit of me
deep within I am feeling devoid
I am
so light like a chick’s feather
since the day your shadow walked out of me
life has become vapid
completely insignificant
I decide to seek solace in the bottle
to soothe my broken heart

I look myself in the the mirror
an image of you appears again
I turn fast and sit at the edge of my bed
loneliness patting me gently on my shoulder
I look at your picture
the one you pinned on the walls of my mind
the memories flash back in my mind again
everything repeating identically
and I remember how we sat
on that bed facing each other
Squeezing chips into each other’s mouths
Chortling like little babies
then you held me tight
close to your erect knockers
we sank ourselves in my sheets
and sinned
you wanted more and more of me till dawn
(as if for the last time)
and I sublimed into your soul
how I wish time could revive itself
and the dreams of better days become real
I yearn for those moments of roses and eros
before my heart snows.


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