In my dream

I resurrected you again like Lazarus

and held you tight close to my chest

you flicked your eyes at me with alluring grimance like fireflies

and the cloying scent of your breath massaged through my marrow

I closed my eyes and kissed you again

like we used to do in the dotty twilight

but this time you were numb and dumb

your whispers couldn’t reach my ears

and I recalled

how truncated the days of love were on earth

when you used to hold me tight in your arms

and we erred on the beach each night till dawn

You chirped like coupling songbirds

and your sighs whistled like a birdcall in the air

the moon, stars and everything else watched admiringly from above the sky

you know how I cherished that scenario

but now you are departed to the unmapped metropolis

and it’s my fault that you are gone

my mind came alive a bit too late

I should have been with you that night as always

you are still the same person I knew

when I revived you in my dream

from the quiet tomb covered with frost

we made love on my sheets

and you snuffed it again

this time right on my bed

you drowned your body in my tears

and sublimed into your new city

I am still seated on my bed

embracing my pillow tight

waiting for you to come back

in pain

in pain

in vain

in vain.


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