Thinking of a bonny belle

Thinking of a candy little patrician

Thinking of Caren Kimz

And in the sand by the shore I rest

Gazing at the stars scattered in the blue sky like sand

And the moon waxing gibbous

The sea breeze swishing a love song with a gentle caress

Crickets and frog chirrups join as if in a chorus and chant in unison

And the fireflies flicker adorning the ambience with a scenic glitter

Mavelous, my heart grimances

Hazardous it may seem but I will wager

Not minding the end result

A treasure and it is worth it

I pray for good fortune as I stake

On with the game, I am good to go

Caren Kimz you better beware

I am on my way so prepare

To err with Cliff in dimmed twilight


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