When tears fall from the sky
Heavens at war with mourning screams
Sending echo waves to my dreams

Raindrops wet cheeks as I cry
To the lyrical of sad memories
Reflected on black mirror’s diaries

With wishes I should die
Fall into last blink of the sun
With all afflictions and burn

But then I look up the sky
The heavens turn blue again
Sunshine dries tears of rue and pain

Wishing to have wings and fly
Touch the skies and kiss the stars
Or even dwell forever in mars

When tears fall from the sky
Raindrops wet cheeks as I cry
With wishes I should die
But then I look up the sky
Wishing to have wings and fly.

From; ECHOES FROM THE BLACK MIRROR by Cliff Oyugi Kerage aka Cliff The Mirror.


I don’t know who I am
Neither do I know where I belong
I am even afraid of looking myself in the mirror
Eeach time I do,
I see someone else glaring at me
His image scares me to death
I am not myself anymore
But a slave to this enemy behind the mask

I can’t even move an inch
Each time I try, the bully holds me back
He blocks my way
Tells me I can’t do it
His voice echoes in my mind like thunderstorms
Sending chills down my spine
My thoughts are locked in a cage
Each moment an idea strikes,
The enemy flashes on my mind like lightning
Hits me with spasms of fear
I try to think but can’t find the heart and courage to
Someone please tell me,
Who am I?

This demon is always here
To enjoy seeing me in tears
Turns every dream into nightmares,
Keeps leading me into wounds
Drowns me in the sea of wishes of regret
He has nothing to lose
It is either I rise to fight him to death
Or he kills my fate
This great enemy is Fear
And he lives in me.

© 2019 by Cliff Oyugi Kerage aka Cliff The Poet

Photo from Cliff The Poet🇰🇪


This girl is a professed thief
For she broke into my soul
And stole my heart at first sight
She must have been moulded with fine clay
Extracted from the sun
For the way she is hot
Sets my emotions on fire
But this girl is mean
She can’t give me peace of mind
The only thing she offers me is sleepless nights

I would say she is a witch
For she has possessed my feelings like a demon
And drowned me deep in the ocean of love
I can’t even retrieve myself

Her eyes are bewitching
The sparkles in them draws me like charisma
Perverting my mind with her juju smiles
Turning me into a romantic zombie

This girl is my moon
Her face lightens my dark soul
The ocean blue in her eyes reflects stars
That put the twinkling diamonds to shame
Her soft skin is my sweet banana
So yummy like drinking chocolate

Her love is like concentrated alcohol
Just a droplet of it throws me out of control
And makes me feel weak and high
She is narcotic like bhang
Each moment with her leads to addiction
I can’t resist her force of attraction
I have lost my self to this girl.

©Cliff The Poet 🇰🇪


If only you were mine
I would wake to your rising face like dawn
To smell the fragrance of your rose petals
I would look straight into your sunbaked eyes
So cool like a glass of vintage wine
I would kiss your cherry red lips so soft and fine
And bask in your warm smiles like sunshine

If only you were mine
I would fall deep into your heart
And drown into your sea of love
I would let you dwell in the depth realms of my soul
Away from the whirlwind storm and heavy rain
And protect you from sorrow and pain

If only you were mine
If would spread my wings like a lark
Hold you tight and show you how to fly
I would take you for honeymoon in the blue sky
And ask the moon to sing you a lullaby
And the stars would dance like butterflies
Deep in your velvety petals I would be
To suck the sweet pollen like the buzzing bee
If only you were mine.


I just want to walk out of me
Run fast past myself and leave this life behind
I want to go down with the setting sun
And never to show up again at dawn
I don’t want to see the beautiful face of this world
All I need is a little toxicant
Just to soothe my sleep tonight
A bottle of pills and whiskey will do me fine
I yearn to wake up in a different world
Where my wretched old life does not exist
And my emotions will not explode

©Cliff The Poet🇰🇪

Precious Gem

I wonder why the buzzing bees
Have not noticed the scented petals of this Rose
Blooming and glistening among the violets
Everything about it ignites a spark
She is the colours in the rainbows
Her face is the moon that lights the night
The stars in her blue skies
Makes her eyes shine bright like diamonds
Her breath is the ocean breeze in sweltering day
Her silk skin sweet like chocolate
Beautiful angelic African queen
The precious gem and jewel
Her picture can put angels to shame
My soul dances to the lyrical tunes of my heart
Each time I set my eyes on her
My heart melts when I look at her face
And I always yearn to bask in her warm smiles.

Dedicated to Poetess Dorky

©Cliff The Poet🇰🇪

CAll ME A Prostitute

Call me a prostitute
A sex slave
Or rather a chronic drinker
But deep within l know
I am a victim of circumstances
What else could i be
When the woman who gave birth to me
Dumped me in the ruins to die

Just tell me
What life could i lead
When the people Who raised me
Took advantage of my innocence
Raped and defiled me every night
Used and threw me into the streets
The whole world turned against me
And I chose to seek solace in the bottle

I have seen fingers point at me
And my criticism has been put in black and white
My judgement has been written red on the walls
And a big label has been planted on my face

They call me a harlot and addict
But it’s a life so blamelessly I take it

What’s more to live for?
When the canorous bird chirps is a nuisance to me
I am maimed and the only
Consolation is the burning urge to light my cigar
So fast they judge
Even when an anchor to my terrible lifestyle they cant undo
It is not their envisage that anything good can come out of me
But still they gossip of my uselessness
Till the last blink of the sun

Do you think I feel proud
When men dig into my land each night
And I smile to make them happy
But deep within i am shattered
I sell the nectar from my rose
Just to pay for my bills
I cry myself to sleep
But proudly they scold me
They take me for a snake in a red rope
Even when the least of my knowledge I plan to attack
I am not an adder
Please stop painting me hate
None of my actions can be justified
But at least my breath can give account
To my attempt to get a life.

©Cliff The Poetry


Dear Love,
You see this frail heart of mine
I lay it bare in your hands
Hold it with care and tenderness
And never let it slip off your fingers
It has endured so much pain
it has been fallen and broken several times

It has faced total rejection
Suffered too much dejection
It has been torn into shreds
And left scattered in pieces
Its trust has been shuttered
And innocence defiled and murdered

Never let it fall apart again
It has taken me ages
To collect its crushed pieces
And sew it back to wholeness
See, it is full of loose stitches
And emotional scars of betrayal

It is wet with tears of rue
Keep it warm in your soul
But never expose it to too much heat
It might explode to ashes
Just treat it like a treasure
And not a playground for leisure.

©️Cliff The Poet🇰🇪

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